“God fights on the side with the best artillery.” The Ministry of Defence needs to be reminded of Napoleon’s remark, which is applicable even today (“Sindhuratna and beyond,” March 3). From MiG-21s to submarines to ships and guns, pilots and officers are losing their lives due to the quality of the equipment procured. Another hurdle is in getting the bureaucracy to clear the purchase of equipment. Red tape, corruption and a lack of political will are major obstacles. The Navy has to play a major role in today’s world, and it is important that it operates from a position of strength.

Sumit Sharma,


The Defence Ministry needs to shed its conventional ways of thinking and go state-of-the-art. As stated, going nuclear is an imperative to make a difference to the way the Navy operates.

N. Visveswaran,



Sindhuratna and beyond March 2, 2014

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