This refers to the report, ‘Malaysian jet disappears over sea’ (March 9). Some time ago, the Civil Aviation Ministry had planned to hold lectures on safety measures for passengers on flights. Such proactive steps are welcome and will definitely help passengers stay alert in times of crisis. In addition, pamphlets and brochures on safety can be circulated among passengers before they board a flight. Both airport authorities and airlines have greater responsibility in the context of such incidents. Maintenance of runways and cabins also needs to be given priority.

P. Senthil Saravana Durai,


The incident of a Malaysia Airlines flight disappearing over South China Sea is tragic. We can only pray for the people who were on board and hope that the family members of the passengers and crew remain courageous during this harrowing time. Though the reason for the crash is not known as yet, airlines should not compromise on the safety of those on board and should furnish clear guidelines on safety before take-off.

A. J. Rangarajan,



Malaysian jet disappears over seaMarch 8, 2014

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