Unprovoked firing continues unabated and villagers near the LoC are moving out. Unperturbed over what is happening, India has been issuing statements saying it is a minor skirmish but Omar Abdullah, Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister, wants the government to take up the issue strongly with Pakistan.

What is the use of deploying the army or other forces on the border if they cannot stop the shelling? They should act fast. Action speaks louder than words.

V. Kumar,


It is a matter of serious concern that Pakistani troops attacked 14 Indian posts and civilian areas with mortar shells (Oct. 20). The picture of a wounded livestock and a civilian showing the splintered pieces of mortar was shocking. People living near the border areas are cursed as they have to bear the brunt of such attacks. Mr. Abdullah’s suggestion should be considered seriously — it is the urgent need of the hour.

Mukesh Kumar Singh,


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