The unfolding sequence of suspected links between the Pakistan-born American, David Headley, and his accomplice Tahawwur Rana, a Canadian of Pakistani origin, with the 26/11 blasts is horrifying. It seems anyone can just walk into our country, stay in posh hotels, spend as much time as he wants to, meet friends, plan his activities and leave the country to return at will. And we don’t even know what foreigners are up to — there are no checks on their movement. It is only when another country tells us about their visits that we send our teams there and boast of the useful information we have obtained.

M.M. Kale,



The unravelling of Headley’s links to 26/11 has sent shock waves across India. Even some Bollywood stars are being approached for information. The government, which did nothing all these days, seems to have woken up with the anniversary of the bomb blasts approaching. It should probe the Headley angle thoroughly.

Rishabh Anand,



It is improper of the investigative agencies to let rumours float about the complicity of Rahul Bhatt and his friend who voluntarily went to the police with information. The authorities undoubtedly should investigate from all angles but they should not do anything that will discourage civil society from volunteering information.

Kasim Sait,


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