The operations carried out in different States against Maoists have not yielded the desired result. The main reason for the failure is, without doubt, the lack of adequate training imparted to police. The Maoists are not well-equipped either but they are successful in launching guerilla warfare against the poorly-trained security forces.

The government is oblivious to the fact that in the war against Maoists, it is making policemen a huge casualty. Also, by using some sections such as the tribals against Maoists, it is making the war more complex. Depriving the naxal-infested areas of development, a practice followed by some governments, is not fair either. Not only will such moves lead to the alienation of people but also drive them to join Maoist groups.

Mohammed Younus,


The Centre should treat the Maoist insurgency as a national problem. It should provide material support to the States to contain it. It can assist the State governments to raise a special force like the Greyhounds of Andhra Pradesh.

C.N. Parthasarathy,


Maoist insurgency is assuming alarming proportions. In fact, it is becoming a major source of threat to internal security. Besides affecting the progress of the nation, it will weaken our ability to face external threats. It will divert the nation's attention and resources from fighting terror — the main task at hand.

Vikas Kumar Khichar,


The rebels virtually run parallel governments in many parts of the country, which exposes the government's failure on all fronts in tackling them. It is time all political parties came together to eliminate the threat posed by Maoists. How long can we watch innocent people being killed?

Amod Kumar,

New Delhi

There appears to be an absence of comprehension and planning in the operations to counter the Maoists. Maoist insurgency is not merely a law and order problem. It is the manifestation of the governments' persistent failure to reach out to the rural and tribal belts.

Ashwani Sharma,


While police training should improve qualitatively and quantitatively, people should be educated against falling prey to the Maoist propaganda that their living conditions will improve only when the government is overthrown by armed struggle. Backwardness and growing destitution in many villages provide a fertile ground for the growth of Maoism. The authorities should address the basic problems of people, along with strengthening law-enforcement.

C.P. Velayudhan Nair,


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