Women without resources indeed feel the pressure of all social ills that prevail in society today (“Conquering the fear of the setting sun,” Jan. 4). When women living in cities, aware of the law and the legal course to be taken in case of a need, surrounded by an organised society, face problems in their day-to-day living, one can imagine the plight of women in tribal areas and other secluded and isolated places where people do not even know of the legal mechanism available.

Havish Madduri,


There is nothing patriarchal about returning home before dark. Even for men, venturing out in the dark is fraught with risks. Rape or sexual assault is not the only crime that darkness encourages. The assumption that one can get away with a crime in darkness encourages even borderline criminals to commit heinous crimes. By venturing into darkness, you expose yourself to a greater possibility of getting mugged, robbed, kidnapped, and many more gender neutral crimes. Although we wish society was just, we need to accept the bitter truth that it is not so yet.

B. Ramprasad,


Keywords: sexual assault

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