This refers to P. Sainath’s article “In for a penny, in for a pounding” (editorial page, Dec.5). The main reason for a separate Telangana is the region’s cultural identity and its backwardness. The Congress’s decision to create a larger Telangana seems to be an attempt to corner the TRS and force a merger.

It is undemocratic to think in terms of a “Rayala-Telangana”, as nobody asked for it. Apart from sharing geographical features, there is nothing in common. How can the Centre think in terms of dividing Rayalaseema without taking its stakeholders into confidence?

Y.V.K. Ravi Kumar,


What started off as an agitation to address the backwardness of the Telangana region has now become a political game, with the Congress taking the lead. Apart from it being an administrative bifurcation, it is also an attempt to divide minds and hearts.

K. Sivasubramanian,



In for a penny, in for a poundingDecember 5, 2013

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