The expanded Open Page has indeed provided a welcome diversion from the drudgery and routine of reading front-page politics. The publication of the articles contributed by ordinary persons has endeared The Hindu to its readers. Opening up of this important section demonstrates the commitment of the newspaper to enable the common man to share his views.

Sunil P. Shenoy, Mangalore

This is to thank The Hindu for acceding to the long-pending readers' request to expand the Open Page. The articles published are praiseworthy and could be preserved for future reading.

Jaya Venkitachalam, Chennai

This has reference to the article, “Home alone.” In many cases, parental ambitions land the children abroad. But there are cases where academic excellence or marriage leads children to make their own decision on settling abroad. In all cases, the sentiments of the aged parents are same. It is for the parents concerned to adapt themselves to the empty nest syndrome.

J. Edison Devakaram, Tuticorin

There is nothing wrong in sowing the seeds of ambition in the minds of children but it should be focussed more towards social responsibility rather than monetary gains. Parents like Mythili are happy once their children get a good job and earn in dollars. More than making money, children should be taught the value of taking care of the their elders.

N. Manoharan, Coimbatore

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