With examinations approaching and students preparing to face them, it would help if they constantly reminded themselves of three simple truths: what they know far exceeds what they do not know; there is no one who knows everything; and even the brightest student is bound to forget something.

When students come across something they do not know, the next thing they do not know, and the third thing they do not know, they generalise that they do not know anything. This is not true. It is just that they have incidentally come across a few things they do not know. Students, and everyone for that matter, should be made aware of the larger beauty and resourcefulness they carry within themselves than the few things they do not have. Parents and teachers can help.

Vincent Victor Vaz,Ahmedabad

When students prepare for their examinations, parents should ensure that they do not subject them to more stress by restricting their activities or preventing them from taking a break by watching television or spending some time with their friends. Too many restrictions will only turn counterproductive.

B.S. Raghavendra Rao,Bangalore

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