In the context of the Palghar police in Thane (near Mumbai) eventually recommending the closure of the case they had registered against two young girls for an innocuous comment posted by one of them (and ‘liked’ by the other) on the Mumbai bandh that followed Bal Thackeray’s death, we looked up the relevant provision related to compensation for groundlessly causing the arrest of someone and this is what the CrPC says:

“Whenever a person causes a police officer to arrest another person, if it appears to the magistrate by whom the case is heard that there was no sufficient ground for such arrest, the magistrate may award such compensation, not exceeding one hundred rupees, to be paid by the person so causing the arrest to the person so arrested …”

Without delay, the above provision must be amended to enhance the compensation to at least Rs 25,000 to be paid to each one of those groundlessly arrested.

C. Antony Louis, Mumbai

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