The brutal attack on terror convict Sanaullah Haq in Kot-Bhalwal jail in Jammu was an immature form of protest against the killing of Sarabjit Singh by fellow prisoners in Pakistan’s Kot Lakhpat jail. Such tit for tat acts will only make matters worse for Indian prisoners languishing in Pakistani jails.

The jail authorities in Jammu are to blame for letting the incident happen. They should exercise more caution and give adequate protection to Pakistani prisoners.

C. Petson Peter,


Even while useful suggestions are made to prevent the recurrence of such incidents, it is imperative that politicians of both the countries refrain from vitiating the atmosphere through their irresponsible melodrama before television cameras. TV anchors, too, should play a cautious role to ensure that chauvinistic sentiments are not fanned by their guests during the emotion charged live debates in their studios.

V.S. Prakasa Rao,


All right-thinking Indians will condemn the tit for tat approach and call for the strengthening of the security apparatus in jails. Barbaric actions on both sides have put us in a self-defeating cycle of hatred. That said, the politicisation of the funeral of Sarabjit Singh — a man forgotten for decades but remembered and declared a ‘martyr’ after his death — was sickening.

Varad Seshadri,


With the brutal murder of Sarabjit Singh, the plight of Indian prisoners languishing in foreign jails for crimes they may or may not have committed has come to the forefront. The government should take up the issue of security with all countries that have Indian prisoners. It is the fundamental right of every Indian to get a fair trial. And the government is duty-bound to protect that right everywhere.

Aparna Vijaykumar,


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