I am glad IPL 6 is behind us — not only because of the spot-fixing and betting scandal but also because of the media overkill. On a day when over 20 people were massacred in Chhattisgarh by Naxalites, major English television news channels devoted more airtime to the BCCI president’s press conference.

M. Rasheed,


IPL episodes, from betting and spot-fixing to the BCCI president’s defiant ‘no’ to quitting, are disgusting. The gentleman’s game has been converted into a gambling club by a few. The business targets of corporates have demoralised the game. The common man has yet again been cheated.

Sandeep Suresh,


Betting and gambling are not new to us. The epic Mahabharata revolves round it. The number of Duryodhanas and Yudhishtras is on the rise. The same is true of Dhiritharashtras and Shakunis.

P.S. Panicker,


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