When Sachin Tendulkar retired from cricket on Saturday, I too became emotional, like many of my fellow-countrymen. The cricketing legend should be thanked for teaching us a lot. His commitment to the game was complete — from the day he entered the Indian team till the day he left. With success came humility. By thanking all those who were responsible for his success, Sachin demonstrated to youngsters the need to remember those who are part of their growth.

Like many others, Sachin also suffered a few bad patches, but he took all criticism in his stride and allowed his bat to speak. He is so popular, but so simple. I hope other Indians will imbibe a few of his qualities.

K.I. Shariff,


Sachin’s achievements are an inspiration to millions of people. His retirement brought tears to everyone’s eyes, from spectators to cricket-lovers sitting glued to their television sets. It was the moment when everyone transcended diversity and lauded the cricket maestro. His departure marks the end of an extravagant era in cricket.

Paridhi Gupta,


Sachin has numerous cricketing records to his credit. Yet he is simple and humble. He poured tonnes and tonnes of love and affection on his family, friends and mentors during his farewell speech choked with emotion. We were moved when he touched the pitch and walked off slowly, hiding his uncontrollable tears.

K. Natarajan,


I am not a keen follower of cricket. But seeing Sachin bid adieu was an emotional experience. I may not remember his scores or records, but I will remember him as a great human being. The whole nation will miss his presence on the field.

Sreerag Godasarman,


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