Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s message indicating that there is no alternative to treading the path of “financial discipline” indicates that he has sized up the economy well (“Left with empty coffers, says Modi,” June 15). The empty coffers left behind by the UPA government are a cause for concern. Besides, with inflation rearing its ugly head and economic growth showing signs of tardiness, harsh fiscal measures are the need of the hour. Mr. Modi has his task cut out as the BJP government goes about its task of putting the economy back on track. The entire country has to rally firmly behind Mr. Modi in these difficult times.

N.J. Ravi Chander,


Mr. Modi’s remarks remind me of the situation that Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa was in some three years ago. Her tough decisions — increasing milk prices, electricity rates, bus fares, and so on — combined with welfare schemes, yielded good results and improved the State’s economy. The decisions received flak, but despite that the AIADMK won 37 Lok Sabha seats in this election. This shows that tough decisions need to be taken for a better tomorrow.

Janaki Mahadevan,


Is throwing the blame on someone the best way forward? The people of India have put enormous faith in Mr. Modi and his government by giving them a clear majority. All through the election campaign, the BJP lambasted the UPA. One thought the party would take the nation forward with innovative steps and out-of-the-box thinking. Unfortunately, Mr. Modi seems to be singing the same tune of his predecessors.

Yes, the UPA-II government put up a miserable show, but blaming it is not the ideal way forward. One Modi or Manmohan Singh will not be able to improve the nation. Collective thinking and contribution will bring about change. Leaders need to work together selflessly and people must realise that no government can cater to all our needs. Blaming someone is easy; discharging one’s own duties is the real challenge.

Balasubramaniam Pavani,


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