As the editorial “Mindless solidarity” (March 19) rightly says, India must look beyond Tamil Nadu while bringing to bear diplomatic pressure on Sri Lanka. But it is easier said than done. Given the attitude of various political parties in Tamil Nadu, which is more emotional than pragmatic, the government at the Centre, which is dependent on the support of one or the other Dravidian party for survival, cannot ignore the opinion of the political parties of the State. In the past too, the Centre’s policy on Sri Lanka was dictated by the opinion, pulls and pressures of Tamil Nadu political parties.

C.K. Saseendran,


The violence perpetrated by Tamil fringe groups against non-Tamil visitors from Sri Lanka is undemocratic and counter-productive. Do they want India to snap its ties with Sri Lanka? Will that solve the problem of the Tamils there? Sri Lanka is not a hostile nation, and its people have a lot in common with Indians.

While minorities of all hues need guarantees wherever they are, their demands should not degenerate into separatism. They need to swim with the mainstream. When we are opposed to an independent Kashmir, how can we sympathise with the cause of Eelam?

U. Atreya Sarma,


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