The Hindu deserves to be commended for paying Edward Kennedy an exemplary tribute by publishing a colour photograph with the memorable caption “Last of the illustrious clan” (Aug. 27). The Kennedy era — 1960 to 1963 — was significant for its impact on not only the U.S. but also the rest of the world. It will never fade from the memory of those who lived during the period.

N.E. Appasamy, Coimbatore

The death of John F. Kennedy’s last surviving brother signals the end of an era that held sway from the early 1960s. Edward Kennedy lived in the shadow of his more famous brothers in the formative years of his political life and carried on their legacy admirably over the next three decades. Championing the cause of health care, civil rights and world peace, Senator Kennedy won a place in the hearts of thousands of Americans and left an indelible mark on American politics.

Harisankar Kurup, Secunderabad

John Kennedy, the liberal minded President and, later, his brother Robert, died young. The mantle fell on Ted Kennedy to carry their legacy forward. And what a signal contribution he went on to make to health care, civil rights and social justice! To cap it all, he used his political stature to get the first African-American U.S. President elected — in a fitting tribute to the Kennedy legacy.

R. Narayanan, Ghaziabad

As a Senator for nearly half a century, Ted Kennedy’s was the most prominent voice in the U.S. that spoke for the disadvantaged. He was the undisputed champion of equal rights for the working class. He was a man of peace. Besides opposing the Vietnam War, he played a crucial role in resolving the conflict in Northern Ireland by helping to bring about the Good Friday agreement.

Ramesh G. Jethwani, Bangalore

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