This refers to the report “Modi accuses EC of ‘match-fixing’” (May 9). One cannot help but say that the BJP’s prime ministerial candidate is demonstrating immature behaviour as far as the Election Commission is concerned. The EC should call a spade a spade and put him in his place.

Akshi Bansal,

New Delhi

The EC is duty bound to take the necessary steps in conducting a free and fair election. The EC, which has been honoured and credited for its clean performance since the first general election in 1951-52, does not need certification from the BJP.

A.N. Laad,

Panaji, Goa

Mr. Modi has held around 400-odd rallies, many of them in terrorist/Maoist-infested areas; nothing happened (“EC defends Returning Officer,” May 9). Therefore, to deny him permission to campaign in his own constituency on “flimsy” grounds will only raise suspicion. It is also strange that serious “poll violations” by Rahul Gandhi do not make it to the front pages.

N. Ramamurthy,


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