We should hang our heads in shame for earning the dubious distinction of being number one in terms of first day of birth mortality (“Too early to die,” May 10). The situation can be improved if the Central, State and local governments act in coordination with single-minded focus on the issue. Successful efforts in one part of our country should be replicated in other parts.

M.V. Nagavender Rao,


The government boasts of development, which is a myth. That India tops the list of newborn deaths within 24 hours exposes our development story. It is evident from the spate of scams what our politicians’ priorities are. Efforts should be made to educate and spread awareness among people about the ill-effects of child marriage, which is a major cause of newborn mortality.

Saikumar Ananthoju,


What we see are the result of the development model we have adopted. When we entered the brave new world of neo-liberalism, social welfare and inclusive growth faded into oblivion. We pursued growth for growth’s sake.

In any list (except perhaps the Forbes list), we find ourselves ranked below countries like Nigeria, Bangladesh, etc. They may not boast of a nine per cent growth rate, they are not nuclear powers, they are not IT superpowers, but they have managed to take care of their poor and vulnerable.

T.V. Bipin,


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