The Election Commission's order that the statues of Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati and of her party symbol, elephant, be covered till the end of the seven-phase Assembly elections is welcome. It is common to put up statues of prominent kings and leaders who are no more. A leader putting up her own statue along with that of her mentor, and her party's election symbol using people's funds is unheard of.

Capt. T. Raju (retd.),

SecunderabadThe Election Commission's order is debatable. Will the covering of Ms Mayawati's statues and her election symbol make people adopt a neutral position with regard to their choice of leaders? The need of the hour is electoral reform.

J.V.V. Murthy,

CoimbatoreThe Election Commission has ordered the statues of Ms Mayawati and the BSP symbol draped ahead of the elections to ensure what it calls a “level-playing field”. Although the thrust is on Ms Mayawati's sense of exaggerated self-importance, the scope of the order is sweeping. The draping of the statues may well highlight their existence.

S.A. Jayatheertha,


It is difficult to understand how the covering of Ms Mayawati's statues and her party symbol will ensure a level-playing field. The act will, in fact, draw much more attention. The Election Commission should instead direct its efforts at curbing invidious practices that all political parties resort to.

Balram Aneja,

New Delhi

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