It is heartening that the judges of the Supreme Court, including the Chief Justice, have agreed to make public the statement of assets they declared at the time of their appointment and subsequent additions, if any (Aug. 27).

Thanks to their decision, the faith of the people in the higher judiciary stands reinforced.

B. Harish, Mangalore

The editorial “Doing the right thing” (Aug. 27) rightly says that the judiciary which has endorsed the Election Commission’s bid to introduce transparency and accountability by compelling public declaration of assets of candidates, cannot apply a different yardstick to its own functioning.

B. Padmanandam, Madurai

Mandatory disclosure of judges’ assets is an idea that would certainly be welcomed by all.

How nice it would have been had the same norm been applied to all those holding key posts.

Prashant Rahul, Ranchi

No establishment in India should claim exemption from accountability and transparency in its functioning especially at a time when the country is afflicted with the deep-rooted malaise of corruption.

Rameeza A. Rasheed, Chennai

The judges’ decision has restored the confidence of the common man in the judicial system. Justice Shylendra Kumar of Karnataka, whose declaration of assets has been put on the web, deserves praise.

Harikrishna S. Holla, Bangalore

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