This refers to the highly readable article “But do patients listen to doctors?” by K. Ganapathy (Open Page, Jan. 29). While ignorance of patients is a cause for inappropriate health care, the overload of information is also responsible for excessive investigations and treatment. The tech-savvy patient, loaded with information from ‘Dr. Google' makes all ‘relevant' suggestions to the doctor, to the great pleasure of both the doctor and the patient. While the doctor can charge a hefty bill, it is reimbursed by the patient's employer. The doctor hands out a laundry list of treatment options as “whose bread you eat, his song you sing.”

T. Rama Prasad,


I could not agree more with the Professor regarding patients' impatience to go through the natural course of common diseases. A common cold or flu is caused by virus and a patient should look for symptom relief rather than demand an antibiotic or indulge in self-medication. It is the doctor's duty to educate patients and help them with their illness. Where is the evidence behind giving vitamin injections to patients for general weakness and making them dependent on them?

D. Sadhana,


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But do patients listen to doctors?January 29, 2012

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