I could not but notice the similarity between Durga Vahini and Dukhtaran-e-Millat. Although they belong to two different religious groups, both are fundamentalist and intolerant, cut from the same cloth. The self-appointed moral police, comprising entirely of women, are busy enforcing the ultra orthodox tenets of oppressive patriarchy. I shudder at the thought of Durga Vahini entering a historic site like Brihadeeshwarar temple in Thanjavur, and what would happen to the beautiful niche sculptures of Bikshandanar, Gnana Sarawathi or even Durga Devi.

G. Parameswaran, Coimbatore

The protests against Vishwaroopam, the all-girls Kashmiri rock band, the Delhi Art Gallery exhibition — all make dismal reading. They are sad reflections of the times. What a parody of freedom of speech and travesty of democratic values!

We are not far from becoming another Talibanised Afghanistan. It is time the common people came together to preserve India’s secular character and freedom of expression.

Paul Emmanuel, Oddanchatram

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