Never before has an accusation so dangerous been made against a retired Indian Army chief. The charges attributed to him that he tried to topple the J&K government are equivalent to treason. Neither the government nor the Army appears to be concerned about the impact all this will have on the security of the country and the defence forces. The truth will only be known through an impartial probe. Having served in the defence forces for 25 years I can say that the Army chief cannot raise even an additional platoon without the knowledge and approval of the Defence Ministry and Defence (Finance).

Arulur N. Balasubramanian,


Gen. V.K. Singh seems to have been a controversial figure. Be it his age or his being associated with key political figures, almost everything is turning out to be unsavoury. It is sad that political parties are now getting involved. There has to be an impartial probe.

J.F. Dawson,


If this is not a case of vendetta, then what else is? In the alleged plot to affect the Jammu and Kashmir government, the government should have come out with a report long ago. It is time to stop treating the Army and its officers like those of an enemy state. Its image has been tarnished beyond repair.

T. Anand Raj,


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