I wish to thank Professor Amartya Sen for his timely article (Op-Ed page, March 25) on justice to the disabled and senior citizens. Mobility is severely restricted for senior citizens in the absence of adequate facilities. There is a law which calls for provision of hand rails on both sides of staircases and ramps in public buildings, including places of worship. Unfortunately, the law is ignored by all concerned. One hopes that better sense will prevail among not only authorities but also those who construct high-rise buildings.

P.T. Kuriakose,


The Nobel laureate's penchant for justice is indeed exemplary. The quest for justice does not end with the ‘fulfilment of certain formal rights,' but one has to look beyond. What is necessary is a multilinear, consultative approach advocating cooperation. It will be a loss to our nation if we ignore the valuable thoughts and ideas of this genius.

Lubna Sarwath Muhammad,


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