The editorial (Dec. 16) has revealed a troubling practice that many Indians unfortunately think is the norm — passing off domestic help as family members while applying for a visa in order to get around labour laws overseas.

This is not the first incident of its kind that has occurred in the U.S. This is just one more event that has ended up denting the nation’s image. At the same time, the U.S. must explain the humiliating treatment meted out to India’s Deputy Consul-General Devyani Khobragade and denying her even the basic courtesies due to her as a diplomat under the international conventions.

C.A.C. Murugappan, Kothamangalam

The outrage being expressed is one-sided. Let us not forget that the domestic help is also an Indian. The issue has been an eye-opener and is all about how domestic help are exploited. The Indian government must review labour laws to check such exploitative practices.

Velpula Ramanujam, New Delhi

It needs to be understood that the officer was penalised for contravening the law of the land. Although the U.S. officials have overreacted by arresting the official, which is unacceptable by any means, the fact that Ms Khobragade acted in a manner unbecoming of her status is totally unjustified. Isn’t it ironical and hypocritical that people who raise a hue and cry over the unsavoury incident that happened abroad seem to be conveniently oblivious to the harsh/inhuman treatment meted out to domestic help in our own country?

B. Suresh Kumar, Coimbatore

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