The arrest and handcuffing of the Deputy Consul General of India, Devyani Khobragade, is yet another example of the indecent approach of the United States authorities towards Indian leaders and bureaucrats. This incident is reminiscent of Dr. Abdul Kalam’s frisking in 2011, again by the U.S. authorities. The sovereignty and respect of our nation cannot be belittled. The Indian government is not running at the mercy of any foreign country. This issue must be seriously dealt with by the Ministry of External Affairs.

M. Xavier, Valliyur

It is the duty of the Indian government to not only protect our Foreign Service personnel from shabby treatment overseas, but to thoroughly investigate independently if the allegations against Devyani Khobragade are true. The Indian government must take stringent action against foreign officers if they are found guilty of flouting rules. But if our diplomats are falsely implicated and charged, our government must strongly protest against it.

Chelladurai William, Chennai

For as long as the world tolerates the gross violations of diplomatic etiquette perpetrated by the U.S., the country will continue its arrogant behaviour. Despite the disrespect shown to our former President, ambassadors, diplomats and VVIPs by the U.S. State Department and immigration officials in the past, we continue to act as though nothing happened. But with the arrest and humiliation of the Deputy Consul General in New York, India should abandon its policy of turning the other cheek and instead take some effective action. A bland apology from the U.S. State Department will not suffice. India should either reciprocate this attitude towards U.S. diplomats and VVIPs arriving in India, or warn the country that there will be grave consequences if such incidents recur.

M. Riaz Hasan, Hyderabad

The humiliation meted out to Deputy Consul General Devyani Khobragade by the U.S. authorities is disturbing. Will the U.S. tolerate any misconduct by India against their envoys? Our silent diplomacy is to be blamed, which is being construed as a weakness on our part. Such violation of conventions reflects badly on the bilateral relations between the two countries and should be viewed seriously. Summoning U.S. Ambassador Nancy Powell was a justified move.

K.S. Thampi,



>>The headline, “U.K. diplomat’s arrest” (Letters to the Editor, Dec. 16, 2013), on the arrest and handcuffing of the Deputy Consul General of India, Devyani Khobragade, by the U.S. authorities, was wrong. It could have said: “Diplomat’s arrest.”

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