I fully agree with the views expressed in the article “Hard line diplomacy is not homeland security” (Dec. 15). Mahatma Gandhi accepted Partition in deference to the wishes of Jawaharlal Nehru and Sardar Patel, only on the condition that India and Pakistan would live like brothers. He insisted on India paying a liability of Rs.55 crore to Pakistan despite a public outcry in a hostile atmosphere. He paid for his stand with his life. The UPA government which pays lip service to Gandhiji does little to follow his ideals. All voices of sanity in Pakistan seeking friendly relations with India have been forced into silence by New Delhi’s intransigent stand on the resumption of talks.

Chaman Lal,

New Delhi

The article does not say what benefits will accrue to India by talking to the present government in Pakistan. As Prime Minister Manmohan Singh pointed out recently, there are multiple power centres in that country. This was the predicament of Nehru as well until Ayub Khan took over in 1958. In Pakistan today, the al-Qaeda, the Taliban and the jihadi groups of Punjab have coalesced to espouse a common worldview. When top Pakistani generals openly welcome the Taliban’s offer of support against India, how can we say the two countries have a common enemy?

Subramanyam Sridharan,


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