The dastardly killing of the principal of a private engineering college in Tuticorin is shocking, and shows how criminalised our college campuses are. This is not an isolated instance; similar crimes have been reported from across India but they do not receive the attention they deserve.

In most professional colleges, discipline is unknown and, more often than not, the head of the institution is forced to give in to the unjust demands of students under duress. College unions and, in their absence, student leaders prevent the authorities from enforcing discipline. It is time colleges were empowered to enforce discipline strictly, and criminals among students weeded out. There should be strict monitoring of students who are suspected of having access to drugs, liquor and other contrabands on campuses.

M.K.B. Nambiar,


That three young men could murder their principal in cold blood because he initiated action against one of them for indiscipline is shocking. It is impossible to believe that students could actually knife their guru to death. One wonders where our student community is headed.

Tharcius S. Fernando,


In the past, education also meant inculcating moral values. But nowadays education is more about teaching from textbooks. Parents also do not expect anything more. Discipline and morals are given no importance.

M. Mangayarkkarasi,


I was shocked to learn that the horrendous incident took place in my native district. I have always cherished the values my school inculcated in me 20 years ago.

It is clear that the current education system has failed. It has surrendered its objective of ennoblement to profits. Movies which implant gruesome ideas in the minds of children and adults are a serious cause for concern.

Beorn Kiruba,


Students today find themselves at a crossroads and, in my opinion, only parents are to blame for this. The three students could not have murdered the principal in a fit of anger. Such vehemence and violence grow from a tender age. Unless parents live an exemplary life and rein in their erring children, we will continue to hear such shocking news.



School education has hit a rock bottom. With corruption prevailing in the education department, teachers who are supposed to inculcate values in students are themselves involved in unethical practices. Few schools have moral science classes. The infrastructure in government institutions is minimal. This creates a distinction between students of government schools and private institutions, putting tremendous social and mental pressure on the former.

D. Davidson,


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