The blame game between different authorities in Uttarakhand exacerbates the impact of the disaster. For instance, the DMMC’s statement that action on the ground cannot be initiated unless the forecast is specific is unconvincing. The need of the hour is to ensure that all victims return to normal lives, the outbreak of an epidemic is prevented and a comprehensive plan made for the hilly region to restore the ecosystem.

Subasribala Sridar,


The government’s disaster preparedness should be as good as our defence preparedness. While the job done by the army in Uttarakhand is commendable, the government should prepare for unexpected natural disasters.

Savula Naveen Chandra,


Instead of passing the buck, the authorities should work with dedication to rebuild Uttarakhand. However, if it is true that timely action was not taken by officials on an input provided by the meteorological department, they should be made accountable.

Dinesh Kumar,


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