The virtual seize of the Ecuadorian embassy in London by the police to arrest Julian Assange is a conduct most unbecoming of a country like England. It is clear that this is being done at the behest of that great champion of human rights, United States. The hounding of the WikiLeaks founder for making public secret documents of powerful nations is meant to threaten the likes of him. We need people like Mr. Assange and auditing boards like the CAG of India to check the nefarious activities of governments everywhere.

A.V. Reddi Sastri,


The entire world joins Mr. Assange in his fight against the witch-hunt launched against him, as a warning signal to whistleblowers to beware repression. All those who respect the freedom of expression congratulate the bold decision taken by the Ecuador government to provide asylum to Mr. Assange.

A.G. Rajmohan,


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