The higher education system in India should imbibe the global dynamics of higher education, which in turn is directly related to the factor of employability of our educated youth (“VC’s resignation move adds to Delhi varsity’s woes,” June 25). There must be a seamless integration of different university programmes, right from the undergraduate level to the doctoral level, with flexibility for students in studying courses and freedom for lateral exit. There is an absolute disconnect among the Ministry of Human Resource Development, the UGC and the universities. Politics will only do irreparable damage to the system.

J.A.K. Tareen,

New Delhi

What has the UGC done for a year? No institution in India is completely free of political influence. In India, the word “autonomy” means the “hidden government hand.” Are there any sound reasons why a four-year programme is thought to be bad? Let us not forget that when Indian students seek admission in the West, in most cases they have to undergo a one-year bridge course.

Bidyut Kumar Chatterjee,


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