Mr. Chapal Mehra’s views (“When the definition of poverty harms the poor,” Dec. 10) on how a misreading of poverty criteria harms the poor are thought-provoking. He has successfully analysed arbitrary definitions of poverty that prominent politicians and economists propagate. The poor have the fundamental right to survive, for which they require to exercise the right to work and earn with respect and dignity. The only way to eradicate poverty from India is to adopt Mahatma Gandhi's prescription of considering the village as a unit.

Man Singh Deora, Panipat

Everyone seems to talk about the economically weaker sections of society with great concern. Unfortunately, this is often done without any genuine concern to uplift the poor. Our leaders look at the people only as an electorate and not as citizens with the right to dignified living and also entitlements. No definition of poverty can ever help the poor unless there is a change in our leaders’ vision.

C.R. Ananthanarayanan, Bangalore

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