The editorial “A deeply flawed bill” (March 16) has well highlighted the flawed nature of the Civil Nuclear Liability Bill, which is detrimental to the interests of the potential victims of nuclear disasters.

The Manmohan Singh government would do well to reintroduce the Bill with suitable modifications.

B. Premananda Bhat, Manipal

The UPA government is trying to rush through a Bill limiting the liability of the nuclear plant operator in the event of an accident. It is obvious that the U.S. nuclear industry is exerting enormous pressure on New Delhi to limit this liability to an absolute minimum as a pre-condition for operationalising the India-U.S. nuclear deal.

Subramanian Venkataraman, Mumbai

Are the American equipment suppliers such unimpeachable geniuses that they should be given preferential treatment compared to their counterparts in Russia and France? Only our honourable Prime Minister knows.

Kasim Sait, Chennai

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