Satyabrata Pal is not comfortable with the words “collective conscience of the community” used in the Delhi gang rape case verdict in which four accused were sentenced to death (Oct. 3). A sentence is pronounced as per the Sections of the Indian Penal Code which prescribe the punishment for gang rape, murder, etc. The prosecution proved its case in the gang rape case and the judge felt the crime fell under the “rarest of rare” category.

Even if the criminals had belonged to an affluent background and knew how to use the media and social networking to their advantage, I am sure the verdict would have been the same in the circumstances.

T. Kiran Kumari,


Among all three organs of the government, it is the judiciary that is working to the satisfaction of all. Based on the legal maxim, audi alteram partem (hear the other side too) — the right to a fair hearing — the criminal justice system provides ample and fair opportunity to the accused. The fact that some sections of the media demanded the death penalty for the Delhi gang rape convicts could not have affected the judgment.

Apoorv Joshi,


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