Capital punishment is the most radical infringement on the fundamental right to life of a citizen. We have read of how in the U.S., in many cases, a culprit has been found innocent years after being punished. It is time nations established a moratorium on the death penalty. Punishment should not be retaliatory in nature. Murder should not be punished with murder.

Veenadevi Cheriyath,


In the short story “God sees the Truth but Waits,” Leo Tolstoy brings out the trauma and tragic end of a wrongfully confined, innocent person. It is very sad that incidents of wrongful confinement often occur in America where the courts have given away many historical and landmark verdicts that have shaped the course of justice in other countries. Gandhiji was against capital punishment. As a mark of respect to his memory, let us abolish the death penalty.

M. Somasekhar Prasad,


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