The article “The danger to women lurks within us” (Dec. 27) was interesting. It provided an insight into the psyche of rapists.

As seen in most cases, it is the feeling of conquest — of being supreme — that provokes men to behave like animals. It is time the world understood that women are equal to men in all respects.

Tarun Girdhar, Chandigarh

Misogynistic attitude is embedded in us. Our epics, which we celebrate, conspicuously subscribe to it. Compounded with social inequality in the form of the caste system, gender inequality is manifested in the form of violence against women, urban and rural. While urban rapes are exposed often, a large percentage of such incidents in the rural areas, worsened by the caste system, do not come to light at all.

The mental entropy, particularly of youngsters, is on the increase owing to the free flow of alcohol and narcotics. Porn on the Internet acts as a sand bed for perverted thoughts. The logical but illegal result is the victimisation of the most vulnerable. Until we realise that the problem is us, a utopian state is almost unattainable.

V.M. Vadivelu, Coimbatore

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