The Union Petroleum and Natural Gas Minister’s idea of having the sale of petroleum products suspended at night smacks of ignorance and shows a bankruptcy of ideas. He should know that trade and commerce is most active at night. What we need are pragmatic steps to curb automobile use. The ruling elite and Parliamentarians also need to follow this rule.

O.P. Swaminathan,


Due to the slump in the rupee’s value against the dollar, imported crude is bound to cost the earth. There are reports that this may be as much as Rs.9,500 crore. Our sugar factories are producing a large quantity of molasses as a by-product. Molasses can be converted into ethanol which could be mixed with petrol. If 10 per cent ethanol is mixed with petrol, it will not only reduce the import bill considerably but also reduce the cost of petrol.

K. Somasundaram,


The plan only brought a smile to my face. It is downright foolish. Shutting down bunks at this hour will only shut down the country given that trade thrives at this hour. A move to increase the price of fuel in varying degrees during these 12 hours is one idea that can be thought of.

Vipin Kumar Nambiar M.K.,


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