N. Gopalaswami’s article “Doublespeak on electoral reforms,” April 17) was revealing. It is sad to see that the government has sought to curb the Election Commission’s right to regulate election expenditure. The observation that politicians seem to have realised that the expenditure on elections is an investment capable of giving phenomenal returns is particularly disturbing. It is clear that getting elected is no longer about serving people; it is about earning more as in any other business. Politics is more rewarding because it guarantees support of the government of the day.

K.R.A. Narasiah,


Present-day politicians want to win elections using money power. People have lost faith in them and the only way they can win is by giving publicity to themselves through the media. When a product loses market due to its poor quality, the only way to prop it up is through attractive brand building advertisements — a quality product doesn’t need aggressive promotion. It is shameful to see the government trying to curb the powers of the Election Commission to check the poll expenses of candidates.

T. Girijavallabhan Nair,


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