Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi’s positive traits include maturity, willingness to work, and commitment to serve the weaker sections. In a party that has been waiting for him to don the mantle of leadership, he could have taken up a position in the Congress and the government much earlier. His unwillingness and reluctance to opt for ministerial positions indeed speak high of his quality as an individual (“Rahul is willing,” Jan. 21).

His elevation has come at a time when the BJP has lost its governments in Himachal Pradesh and Jharkhand, and its top leadership is fighting to save its image. What better time for young Rahul to guide his party in the 2014 election!

P. Haridas,


Rahul Gandhi’s elevation in the Congress has re-established the politics of dynasty. It won’t be long before he succeeds Sonia Gandhi as president. If this is the legacy we are going to leave behind, how can we expect parliamentary democracy and people’s democracy to grow? Regional parties seem to be no better. Unfortunately, we are becoming a “democratic monarchy.”

N.G.R. Prasad,


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