The United States and the United Kingdom, which led the illegal invasion of Iraq in 2003, now face contradictions they themselves have scripted (Editorial, June 18). Rather than precipitate senseless war, the West should involve other Sunni-dominant countries to bring the parties to the negotiating table.

P.K. Raman,


The breakdown of any semblance of law in Iraq and the resurgent threat of a civil war are bound to have far-reaching repercussions in West Asia and the rest of the world (“War in Iraq hurts every home in India,” June 18). Oil supplies will always be a concern. However, one must pause and take a look at the history of American interventions in the world and the disastrous consequences they have had. Japan, Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq are examples. Having intervened to secure its personal goals, America then has a penchant to leave these countries in the lurch once its agenda is complete. West Asia must learn to sort out its own affairs.

Sharada Sivaram,


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