The arrest of a Kashmiri cricketer (released later) after an explosives detector used by some private security personnel posted in the Chinnaswamy stadium, Bangalore, allegedly detected the presence of explosives in a room occupied by him was rash. The police failed to foresee the consequences of their act. The Karnataka Cricket Association should have taken the JKCA and the BCCI into confidence before giving the police the go-ahead. The JKCA is right in demanding an apology. It would be sensible for the Karnataka cricket body and the police to close the episode by tendering an unconditional apology, before the episode blows up.

K.R. Anandagopalan, Bangalore

This refers to the report that Kashmiris are angry over the treatment meted out to two cricketers in Bangalore. It is unfortunate that every time the police take action to pre-empt possible terror attacks, they are blamed. If they fail to act, they are damned. The police took action on a tip-off by a private agency. They could not possibly take any chance in the stadium where thousands had gathered. All participating teams should appreciate the strain and compulsions under which the police work, in the larger interest of safety.

H.N. Ramakrishna, Bangalore

The hype over the incident is unnecessary. As terrorists employ innovative methods, the police have a duty to check any suspect, irrespective of his position, as a preventive measure. There is no need for the Kashmiris to feel humiliated. The Bangalore police did only their duty.

V.S. Ganeshan, Bangalore

That the incident is being given a communal colour by some is unfortunate. Cricketers cannot claim exemption from checking when security issues are involved.

Hari Sankar Sharma, Dubai

The police resorted to action only to prevent possible bomb blasts. Kashmiri cricketers should be positive in their outlook, and not hide behind a political and religious veil.

Air Commodore V.V. Nair (retd.), Manipal

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