It is undeniable that over the years, The Hindu has made an unquestioned place for itself as a responsible and respectable newspaper. Its stand on issues such as imperialism, secularism, poverty and corruption has been significant. It has always stood for high democratic norms.

It is a credible newspaper — whenever anyone is in doubt about a piece of news, he or she invariably finds out whether it has appeared in The Hindu. The newspaper deserves to hold its head high.

N.G.R. Prasad,


A villager who studied up to PUC (pre-university) in the Tamil medium, I became fluent in English only because of The Hindu. I did switch over to other English dailies twice in the past but promptly returned to The Hindu. I run a training programme in communication skills for post-graduate students and I strongly recommend the reading of The Hindu to them.

P. Arunachalam,


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