The idea of creating four regional courts of appeal as the final appellate courts is welcome. In addition to this, the government has to develop a system through which the maximum number of cases can be decided at the level of panchayats and lower courts. To ensure speedy trial, police and the public prosecutor should be bound down to execute cases expeditiously. Besides increasing the number of fast track courts, why not judges take interest in deciding a case instead of transferring it to the higher courts? Also, setting up specialised institutions such as family courts, mediation centres, and plea bargaining courts in every district court could be thought of.

Neeraj Mishra,


It is disappointing that our judicial system has piled up work similar to other government institutions. A system is immediately required to be put in place to settle pending cases promptly. Such a system should not adopt a hierarchical approach, which is responsible for the judicial overload.

Neelima Garkoti,

New Delhi

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