The arrest of an Indian couple for trying to discipline their seven-year-old son by the Norway government is nothing but a case of child rights abuse and rights violation. New Delhi should request Oslo to release the couple immediately and return the child to his parents.

R. Kanagaraj,


There is no denying that one should abide by the laws of a country. That said, a government cannot turn a blind eye to the fact that parents have the onerous duty of bringing up their children. Although Anupama and Chandrasekhar reprimanded their son, the couple have not caused him any physical hurt or violence. One hopes the prosecuting agencies and the judiciary of Norway will take a balanced view of the situation and let off the couple, taking a humanitarian approach. The Indian government should spare no effort to convince Norway to be broad-minded rather than view the facts from a Norwegian prism.

Usha Devi Suddapalli,


Children need to be disciplined at home and in school. Bed-wetting is common among children and parents correct them in many ways other than psychiatric counselling. The parents warned their child that they would send him back to India. Imprisoning them will only harm the child more.

C.R. Ananthanarayanan,


The Indian culture strongly believes that no one except the parents knows what is good for their children and our laws are also accordingly framed.

While it is for the people of Norway to decide what type of law they need, in the case of foreigners who follow different cultural norms the least the Norwegian government can do is to give them the option to leave the country with their children. The Indian government should explain to the Norwegian authorities what Indian way of bringing up children is, and request them to facilitate the return of the family to India.

V.N. Muralidharan,


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