With various exit polls predicting the expected and the inevitable (“Exit polls sweeten countdown for NDA,” May 13), it was amusing to see various (electronic) media outlets, by and large anti-Modi, falling all over each other to declare victory for the NDA. It remains to be seen how the media will now treat Mr. Modi and a possible BJP-led government.

Karavadi Raghava Rao,


Mission 272+ is now within the BJP’s reach. People appear to have taught AAP a lesson for its betrayal in Delhi and the party has to work much harder to regain our confidence.

As far as the Congress is concerned, making it to the Opposition benches will do it a world of good. Its decade-long scam-filled rule is what will pave the way for its defeat. It was evident that senior leaders knew that the game was up by signing off from the political scene as soon as the election dates were announced. It is time now for the next government to give the people of India the governance they yearn for.

N. Visveswaran,


While one cannot question opinion/exit polls, I feel that objectivism and scientific study, which should be the hallmarks of such surveys, have given way to a projection of what the present system wants. There was a familiar pattern to the exit polls. The country was witness to unprecedented hype surrounding the BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi in the past eight months. No space was given to anyone else and people’s issues were sidelined. There was absolutely no discussion on where the Congress went wrong on key economic policies. It has been unfortunate that the media indulged in “Modi-marketing.” Exit polls too reflect an irresponsible trend by media houses.

K. Baskar,


It is good that the BJP might be able to form a government on its own without having to be greatly indebted to regional chieftains. India longs for a stable government. It also appears that the Gandhi dynasty is in for tough times as the Congress is bound to be in total disarray. The lesson for the Congress is that despite its custodian family being active in the electioneering phase, it will have to fine-tune its model of governance. It must also realise that corruption does not pay.

Anilkumar Kurup,


Let us wait for May 16. Meanwhile, all the mudslinging during the run-up to the election should be forgotten and the parties should try and focus on tackling the burning issues facing our nation. Mr. Modi has to remember that India is not Gujarat. He has to reach out to the rest of India.

S. Venugopalan,


It is hard to believe that these exit polls are accurate assessments; they are assumptions and the results may be very different. People should not gulp them down but wait for the actual counting of votes. The media seems to be under the influence of the saffron party and its leadership. The BJP should not jump the gun; it could be a false start.

Zakaria Sultan,

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

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