This refers to the special investigation by The Hindu into the S-band spectrum scam. In 2002, the U.K. auctioned S-band for an astronomical amount, so it would be naïve to believe that top officials at the Indian Space Research Organisation, the Department of Space and the board of Devas Multimedia Pvt. Ltd., were unaware of the commercial potential of S-band in 2005. As regards the commercial implications of damages, assuming the worst, the government can do a cost-benefit analysis to find out the maximum damages that will have to be paid to Devas if it wins the case and the minimum amount the government will get by open tendering S-band spectrum now.

Mathew Gainneos,


The unfolding of multiple scams is indicative of systemic flaws. Therefore, should the Prime Minister and the Cabinet be blamed for everything that goes wrong? The system needs a massive clean-up. Corruption is not just politic-centric, but politic-socio-economic-centric and needs wider auditing, evaluation and monitoring with sincerity, dignity and transparency.

S.R. Rajkumar,


At a time when the legislative and the executive are shying away from addressing the issue head-on for obvious reasons, the evolution of India's vibrant constitutional jurisprudence through landmark decisions by the Supreme Court brings a ray of hope.

E. Krishnan,


Judging from the past record of the CBI, investigation into the 2G spectrum scam would not have moved even an inch had it not come under the control of the Supreme Court. This is the time to introspect and decide to make this outfit (the CBI) autonomous. If necessary, a separate autonomous institution specifically to investigate corruption may be formed if democracy is to survive.

S. Rajagopalan,


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