The article “The conceit of the anti-democrat” (May 21) essentially provides an intellectual cover for the entrenched system by suggesting that many other institutions or countries are equally corrupt. What it avoids is even a passing reference to the pain felt by citizens of all classes. A more accountable political system will only result in better social and economic outcomes for all.

Rama Siva,

New Delhi

The article was fascinating. For a change, truth has been boldly written in a forceful language on the media’s obsession with corruption in politics. While corruption has always been an issue, its role has been highly exaggerated in the recent past. The middle class which has benefited much from globalisation and liberalisation looks for a corruption-free administration in the country so as to secure a level-playing field for the multi-national organisations in which most of its members are employed.

The neo-social order which has come into play has brought the middle class out of poverty and unemployment but has left the poor where they were and worse. The Karnataka verdict has shown that at least in the State, the Congress is more pro-poor than the BJP.

G. Sridharan,

New Delhi

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