The article “Games big corporations play” (June 15) has rightly pointed to the dangers that will befall the country if the civil nuclear liability bill is not negotiated properly. It throws light on how third-world democracies crack open, bend backwards and crawl to benefit corporations from wealthy nations. I have worked in the U.K. nuclear industry and can say with confidence that big corporations cannot get away with a Bhopal-like disaster there. All minor accidents in a nuclear plant are recorded and audited. Serious deviations and near-miss incidents are punished with hefty fines by the government-appointed industry regulator. Indeed, a powerful and functional democracy should demand responsible behaviour from corporations.

S. Kandasami,



For corporates, profit alone matters. They do not care even if they cause major hazards to the environment or people. It is for the government to adopt stringent measures to check the rising power of greedy MNCs, which manipulate the system for their own needs.

K.R. Ramanan,


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