It was amusing to read an article that still hopes the Congress will forge a new unity with the so-called “progressive forces” (“A Secular Front for 2014,” Nov. 9). Harish Khare’s argument that “India is much more at peace with itself than it ever was in recent memory” sounds strange to an aam aadmi like me. The Assam riots, exodus of north-east Indians from Bangalore, Azad Maidan protests, jal satyagrahas, a scam every fortnight — are these signs of peace? Manmohan Singh will be remembered more as a defunct Prime Minister.

Havish Madduri,


The suggestion that the Congress dissolve the UPA and put in its place a Secular Front is theoretically possible but highly unlikely to materialise. Today, one just does not know which party espouses which political philosophy. Instead of forming a secular front, the Congress should forge an alliance as a champion of the have-nots. It is the ruling class that has constituted the vote-bank of the BJP and its other right-wing allies. The Congress could form a front which is pro-have-nots — the hard working farmer in villages and the middle class in cities.

A.D. Vasudorairaj,


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