Congratulations to Spain on scripting history by winning the football World Cup for the first time. At the same time, no words can console Netherlands which has come tantalisingly close to winning the coveted trophy three times but has not succeeded.

S. Ramakrishnasayee,



In a fierce physical encounter, it was the Spanish flair, verve and tenacity that ultimately came out trumps over the battling Dutch and, thus, ended decades of perennial underachievement.

On the whole, World Cup 2010 will definitely be one to remember. The blaring vuvuzelas, the sprightly supporters and some scintillating football will remain etched in the minds of soccer lovers for long.

Pradyut Hande,



The world's greatest ball game has ended with Spain crowned champions for the next four years. But it was sad to see that on-field kicking, chasing and tackling were concentrated more on the body of players than the football. FIFA must do something concrete to put an end to serious foul play. The match between Uruguay and Ghana was a treat to watch with all its agony and ecstasy.

Victor Frank,



The World Cup final had all the ingredients of a war thriller and pushed the spectators to the edge of their seats. The Dutch perhaps thought all is fair in war and football and, therefore, made all efforts to win the title. It made their cup overflow not with goals but penalties. The referees deserve praise for remaining fair all through the match. So do the spectators and organisers for the spectacular closing ceremony.

M. Somasekhar Prasad,



Spain deserved to become the world champion. It was vastly superior in the midfield. The advantage of playing club football at the highest level with players knowing each other's game well resulted in the entire team working like a well-oiled cohesive unit. Sunday's final will also be remembered as a match of missed chances. Perhaps never before have the finalists missed so many chances to seal the match.

C.M. Umanath,



The best team has won the World Cup. Spain had the world's best goalkeeper, defenders, creative midfielders and a great striker. One wonders when we will be able to cheer an Indian football team at the World Cup.

A.K. Shanawas,


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